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About Us

Was established in 2019, formerly an import-export service company, with many years of import and export experience, grasping the needs of international market trading, our company has traded many agricultural commodities. produce and export to Asian and European markets... with pepper, cashew nut, grass straws, etc... valued for a contract over 10 million USD/year


  • Build more factories with modern production lines
  • Providing quality products that are environmentally friendly, protecting human health and the community
  • Create brand value of leading competitive products in Vietnam and International


  • For customers: Respect and commitment to bring customers the best products.
  • For partners: Build trusting, prestigious relationships, cooperation and sustainable development.
  • For employees: Build a friendly, professional, dynamic and creative working environment so that everyone can develop to the best of their ability
  • For society: Being aware of vihay99's benefits associated with social benefits and social contribution activities is part of VIHAY99's responsibility to the community.


Core values


Be aware of and maintain a sense of responsibility, not only for yourself but also for others to achieve results consistent with the company's orientation


Create a proactive and balanced work-life balance for employees


Ensuring the health and safety of employees and going further are legal requirements to provide an accident-free work environment


Commitment to excellent products, services and other initiatives that affect life inside and outside the business


Contributing to society and expressing corporate social responsibility


Respect diversity and give away the best parts you have. Establish an employee equity program


Encourage employees to come up with initiatives and choose the best. Through an error-enveloping environment to empower employees to lead and make decisions.


Pursuing new creative ideas that are likely to change


Act with honesty and honor without ingicing the truth.


Take good care of the business and customers just think they belong to them

Operational Capacity

- Personnel: A team of nearly 50 employees including office, trade and facility quality supervision
- Sales system: alibaba international trade site....and wholesale and retail distribution system