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HR policies

TIn the orientation of human resource development, VIHAY99 Joint Stock Company focuses on building a policy to attract talents, considering human resources as skills, experience, capacity, and creativity of human being of importance to the direction. to the development of the whole Company. Human resources are considered by the Company as a source of capital besides other types of physical capital.

Talent attraction policy

  • VIHAY99 has a particularly competitive salary and bonus policy that "recruits talents" and has an annual training policy for all capable and ethical employees.

Working mode

  • VIHAY99 organizes work and rest in accordance with labor law. When there is a request on the progress of production or business, the Company organizes overtime work with policies in accordance with the law, organizes appropriate training and rests to regenerate labor force for employees.

Salary, bonus and welfare policy

  • In order to have a fair policy for each job position, the Company pays wages according to time, product, etc. The company evaluates the work results of the collective monthly and distributes the effective salary of each individual. according to job performance. Depending on the results of production and business activities, the Company annually pays the 13th month salary and the working efficiency of each individual through the results of the ABC assessment.

Types of rewards

  • Rewarding unexpected achievements: Rewarding individuals and collectives with technical innovations, participating in building lifestyles at enterprises, implementing company culture, and rewarding individuals who have made positive contributions to the protection of the environment. protect the common interests of the Company.
  • Reward achievements at the end of the project: Reward individuals/teams who actively participate and successfully complete assigned tasks, contributing to the success of each project.
  • Periodic achievement rewards: Rewarding excellent individuals, typical departments every year, rewarding major holidays of the year. Reward form: cash reward; promotion, salary increase ahead of time..."
  • Reward form: cash reward; promotion, salary increase ahead of time...


  • The deduction and payment of Social Insurance, Health Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, 24/24 insurance are made by VHAY99 in accordance with the provisions of law. In addition, all employees are insured 24/7.