Currently, in the market, it is popular to hunt for products with environmentally friendly properties, take advantage of the natural raw materials of Eagle grass in the Mekong Delta, create jobs, improve living standards and in the future. First of all, gradually change awareness about environmental products and limit the use of plastic products


The grass straws are made from the grass plant or called the eagle tree, the sedge with the scientific name Lepironia articulate, with a stiff body, about 8–10 mm wide, about 1m high. Eagle grass often grows in alkaline water in the Mekong Delta.

Therefore, grass straws can be easily biodegraded without the use of human factors. After application and removal, under the influence of moisture and other natural factors. The grass straws will easily rot and return to the soil

Especially, this is the only product that only Vietnam can grow and produce on a large scale, bringing the product to the world in reducing plastic waste, especially single-use plastic.

The process of making grass straws is not too complicated. With a simple way to make grass straws, you already have convenient straws to serve your daily life

Step 1: Harvest should prioritize trees about 2 years old to increase the hardness of the straws.

Step 2: Wash the alum in the stem of the grass, then conduct preliminary processing.

Step 3: Classify the grass, select trees that are similar in size and height.

Step 4: Cut off the part close to the base of the grass, then cut into segments with suitable height.

Step 5: Clean the gut of the grass straws with specialized cleaning tools. Rinse several times with clean water.

Step 6: Dry the grass straws.

         Currently, for straws to reach standard quality, we need to dry them in two stages:

Stage 1: Let the tube dry (temperature is about 40-60 degrees Celsius).

         Stage 2: Drying at a higher temperature to completely remove bacteria in the straws

Step 7: Check if the quality has been reached. If successful, pack the finished product in paper boxes, keep it in a dry place, etc

Conclusion: Using a straw is not only good for our own health. It also contributes to building a clean and green environment.